Instagram got hacked last week… what to do to find out if you were one of those unlucky people who had your username, email address, and phone number stolen? Read on to find out!

Signs Your Instagram is Hacked

The easiest sign your Instagram got hacked is your phone is going to get hit with an attempt to spoof your SIM. This is going to play out like a phishing attack by throwing up a page that looks like your email provider’s two factor authentication app, but something will seem off about it. Don’t fall for it! Turn off your phone immediately, then use a PC to find out how to perform a hard reset on it back to factory data conditions. I repeat, do not go through the fake two factor authentication procedure. This is how they spoof your phone number to gain access to your email account. Speaking of…

You do have two factor authentication turned on with your email account, right? If not, go turn it on NOW! Without it, they will can simply use a brute force app to guess your password or your secret questions and gain access that way.

Unfortunately there aren’t any hacked Instagram accounts list to let you know if your account was one of the ones stolen, so the most you can do is just hang tight and watch out for that fake two factor authentication screens to pop up on your phone one day.

What to Do if They Gained Access to Your Account

Unfortunately, Instagram has not made any provisions for those users who had their accounts stolen.

Yes, this means you’re SOL and will more than likely have to create a new Instagram account.

There are a few things you can try on the Instagram hacked support page though before you completely give up on recovering your account.

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