“Whether B2B or B2C, I believe passionately that good marketing essentials are the same. We all are emotional beings looking for relevance, context and connection.”
– Beth Comstock

Social Media Digital Marketing May Be Dead

This article on the death of social media networks will create shivers if you have used a digital marketing strategy on social media networks.

With data privacy concerns, advertising annoyances, predatory browsing, and emotionally explosive discussions, folks are disconnecting from social media networks. Where are they going? As this article explains, many are choosing to return to their old web habits before social media. Standalone forums and websites that relate to hobbies and interests are making a comeback. These sites allow the use of anonymous internet handles, which help protect user privacy from spying. They also allow users to focus on the topics that interest them. They don’t force them to scroll through a lot of useless information and images that don’t captivate them.

Adapting A New Digital Marketing Strategy For 2019

The most effective digital marketing strategy for 2019 looks like the digital marketing strategy used before social media exploded. That’s because it is the same as new digital marketing strategies.

There has been no better time than to return to your roots in digital marketing strategy skills. Get familiar with the forums and websites that interest users who would notice your product or service. Create accounts and get busy participating in the discussions. Over time, as users begin to trust your input, you can suggest relevant services and products. Creating service and product reviews is a fantastic way to do this. Additionally, you can submit interesting articles to related websites, introducing your product or service as a viable solution.

Are Hashtags Dead, too?

I don’t think we’re going to see hashtags die out any time soon. They make a convenient means for tagging and categorizing content and media. So please make sure you continue employing their usage in your digital marketing content. It makes it easier for relevant audiences to locate the information they’re interested in seeing. If you haven’t started using hashtags yet, now may be the perfect time to start.

How About Text Advertising?

We may see a return of inline text keyword advertising. You may want to develop a plan and budget for making use of this if it comes back. Much like hashtags, this can significantly assist in helping relevant audiences find your web content. It also works as backlinks to help boost your ranking in search engines.

Will Memes Be a Relevant Form of Digital Marketing In 2019?

There is a chance we will see memes take less precedence with the decay of social media. However, images are always helpful to draw attention to your content creations. So don’t give up on pictures entirely! Just don’t make them your prime source of promotion. Instead, use them as complimentary illustrations to your written content.

Is It Going to Be More Difficult to Market Products and Services In 2019?

If you were utilizing digital marketing strategy before the social media boom, your digital marketing strategy might get more comfortable. You now can focus more on informative content. However, if you got into a digital marketing strategy during the social media boom, you may find it challenging to change your approach. You will need to switch from focusing on entertainment and networking to concentrating on quality content and participation.

2019 Will Be a Year the Internet Gets a Breath of Fresh Air

Despite these changes, there is no reason to feel apprehensive about the death of social media. This change was long overdue. Social networks have become clogged with trolls, fake news, extremist promotions, and gratuitous self-promotion. We can look forward to seeing more web content providing valuable information and tips. There also will be a more prominent and liberated exchange of ideas and new concepts. If you were familiar with the internet in the 90s, you remember this period quite fondly for its immense wealth of knowledge and information.

It’s going to be okay. The internet is not dead. There was a mistake, and now it’s changing – for the better.

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