Streaming video can be quite painful at times. It may skip, stop, freeze, crash, lose audio, or just crawl along at a snail’s pace. This quite often is due to the video’s server being unable to handle the amount of traffic it is receiving. That is why Peer5 is a very promising technology.

Peer5 is a new peer-to-peer network technology that turns every computer streaming a video into a server as well. While you stream the video, you also upload parts of it to others who want to stream the video, also. Meanwhile, others who are streaming the same video are uploading parts of it to you, too. What makes this so awesome is that it creates absolutely no limits on how much traffic can be handled on a streaming video. Peer5 essentially creates a content delivery network without any servers out of every single computer using its streaming video service.

Another really cool thing about Peer5’s streaming video technology is that it uses WebRTC to function, which means that there is nothing for you to download in order to enjoy their peer-to-peer streaming video. WebRTC is a part of HTML5, so every single browser – Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc. – already has everything it needs to run Peer5.

“HBO, Twitter, and other companies are approaching. They’re definitely engaged. It’s something they’re going to look into this year,” Hadar Weiss, Co-Founder and CEO of Peer5 said in an interview with Digital Trends.

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