The Ultimate In Smart Business Solutions

Smart business solutions is a pretty hot keyword in Google. With all these different business solution ideas floating around, though, how many of them recommend using supplements to get the edge on your competition?


I must wonder at why out of all these ideas, no one thinks to recommend using nutritional supplements to keep your brain operating at its optimum. If your mind isn’t healthy, you’re not going to be coming up with very many brilliant business solutions or business ideas on your own. Perhaps they prefer you to remain docile and dependent on their advice.

So, here’s the article on smart business solutions that Google misses by a mile: smart supplements you can take to keep your brain healthy and even help improve your cognition, focus, and memory.


Do you take a multivitamin every day? If not, you are already missing out on one fantastic way to make sure your brain is at its healthiest. Nutritional deficiencies are the number one reason why many people today feel tired, suffer from memory loss, and don’t feel all that great. Taking a multivitamin every day will ensure your brain – and overall body – is operating at its best default level.


Yes, these are the same supplements that you find baby formula declaring proudly as part of its ingredients for a healthy baby brain. These same vitamins can also help your mind to be a lot healthier, too. AHA & DHA are in fish oil and flaxseed oil supplements. Just one a day is enough to ensure your brain is as healthy as possible.

B Complex

B complex vitamins help your body process food into energy better. Of course, more power going to your brain is a good thing! It helps greatly improve your brain’s performance, as well as your body’s overall performance. And a little secret is that B complex can replace caffeine in your morning routine for waking you up. Unlike caffeine, there’s no crash later, and the energy boost provided by B complex lasts all day.

Ginko Biloba

Ginko Biloba is quite typically one of the special secret ingredients in a lot of smart drugs. It is best known for improving memory and processing speed. Just two capsules a day is enough to ensure your brain is getting the best boost possible. While it’s not anywhere near as cheap as multivitamins and fish oil/flax seed oil, it is well worth the investment by the improvement you’ll see in your ability to memorize and process information.


Bacopa is not as well known as Ginko Biloba, but studies have already shown it to be effective in increasing cognition, memory, and decreasing anxiety. The effects on anxiety are immediate, but the impact on perception and memory take up to 4 weeks to reach their full efficacy. Like Ginko Biloba, this isn’t cheap, but it is also well worth the investment. You won’t find it in your local drug store, either. It can be found online though through supplement specialty websites and Amazon.

The Smartest Business Solution Is To Be Smarter!

With so much energy and performance enhancement going for you with these supplements, you will have no problems coming up with your smartest business solutions. So, bottoms up! You’ve got nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain by giving these supplements a go. I have used all the supplements in this list with success so that I can vouch for their validity. But don’t just listen to me – Google some of them and see for yourself what others’ experience has been with using them for brain performance enhancement. Also, remember to check with your doctor before taking any of these – some of them may have negative interactions with prescription drugs you are already taking.

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