Wondering what makes your small business priceless to customers, now?

Remember those old Visa commercials where they would add up the monetary value of a few items, then have them equal something like a day out to the ballpark with your dad and say it was priceless? Well, there are also some tangible things you can do for your small business that, when added all together, are what makes your small business priceless to your customers. These are five common themes that a report called The Art of Exiteering from Stephen Chandler’s Notion Capital said made a business the most valuable:

Problem Solving

If a small business can somehow solve a customer’s problems and make their life a little easier, that will make them much more valuable to the customer. Just think about how much more appreciative you are of the products and services in your life that make living it a little easier for you, and how unhappy you would be if they were removed. This is the type of emotion you want to strive to invoke in your customers when it comes to your product or service by offering them a product or service that solves an issue in their life that would otherwise be difficult if not impossible to fix without your help.


No matter how great your idea is or how hard you work to achieve it, you can never make up for insufficient leadership to help you guide and steer your vision into reality. Great leadership doesn’t only do a fantastic job at leading others, but also does well at teaming up together to keep operations running smoothly. Your customers will appreciate a smooth and seamless experience.


If you want to make it big, you’re going to have to expand locally in the U.S. before you ever think of reaching overseas. This is because overseas people are more interested in U.S. products if they are first successful in the U.S. So hold of on that launch in China until you’ve made sure you have a substantial presence in the States first!


If you connect with your customers and relate to their needs, you may better sell your product or service to them — that pretty much goes without saying. However, it also helps create a persona with them, so that they feel they have a personal relationship with you that extends beyond business. This can go a long way in making your small business feel priceless in the eyes of your customers, too.

Administration & Delegation

Sometimes the sale can be long, hard, and brutal. This makes it vital to have good administration on your side that knows when to call in backup when necessary and how to properly allocate resources so no one gets burned out. Customers will greatly value a small business whose employees are bright-eyed and ready to work.

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