The iOS 11 changes & highlights for the iPhone bring greater productivity and increased security to a platform greatly criticized over the past decade for being little more than an expensive toy for bored yuppies. No more just an app container, iOS 11 for iPhone has matured into a full featured operating system that could almost sit side by side with its big brother, OS X. Let’s look at some major features that can be seen in the changes & highlights iOS 11 has brought for the iPhone:


An important iOS 11 change that has made waves across the cybersecurity webosphere concerned the way it validates Bluetooth pairing now. It appears that while in the past iOS for iPhone used to only require a fingerprint to pair, now iOS 11 is requiring both a fingerprint and the password to pair with another device. The reason for this is that fingerprints can be 3D printed or spoofed, and once paired with a computer, the contents of the iPhone can be dumped at any time without ever needing to authenticate the user of the iPhone again. This was a crucial turning point in a recent criminal case, and may be the reason Apple has chosen to update this particular feature.

Apple Pay

iOS 11 changes the way Apple Pay handles payments. Apple Pay now will include person-to-person payments since Apple has acquired Venmo and Square Cash. iOS 11 for iPhone will be introducing an Apple Pay Cash Card as well which can be used to receive funds. It can then used to transfer those funds to a bank account.


Siri has become a whole new woman with a new voice that sounds a lot more human than her old self. This important iOS 11 change was sorely needed after many complained about how robotic Siri’s voice sounded. What’s the secret behind Siri’s new sultry, saucy singing? Apple completely rebuilt her from the ground up, this time using artificially intelligent programming.


iOS 11 changes up its photography game with a ton of new tricks added to the iPhone’s camera app. It allows users to take portraits with optical image stabilization, with a flash, or in HDR. Live photos have also gained Loop and Bounce effects. Finally, Apple has created the High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) to shrink the amount of storage images take up on the iPhone.

Control Center

The Control Center in iOS 11 for the iPhone is now a hidden panel you can access anywhere just by swiping up from the bottom of your screen!

File Management

Apple is also introducing file management to iOS 11 for the iPhone via the introduction of a classic file manager app. It displays local files as well as files stored in the cloud with cloud services like iCloud, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

iOS 11 Changes the iPhone for the Better

If you have been considering getting an iPhone, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon and grab an iPhone with iOS 11. iOS 11 definitely has brought its A-game and it is looking fantastic — probably better than any Apple OS to date. If you are looking for a phone that is fast, secure, social, and functional, then this is a good deal for you. 

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