Is a legit website? I was wondering this too when I stumbled upon the website via a Facebook ad. It seemed too good to be true: tons of low priced items ranging from organizational tools to electronics, with free shipping and a $5 signup bonus. It was like a massive online Big Lots. So, I tried a small purchase: the $10 minimum required to get anything shipped. I figured at the worst, I had just lost $10. Oh, how little did I know then… was going to become an addiction.

I’ve had friends that got addicted to, and I had my own private love affair with Amazon Prime. is a new kind of beast, though. Those prices are just SO LOW that I quickly found myself racking up $50 or more in stuff. There are new shipments almost every day too, so I began checking back on the website at regular intervals to see what new stuff was in. Items sell out so quickly I really had to be on top of what was there. When an item sold out before I could get it, I was checking back at the site to see if they would restock it. is smart.

They know just how to incite an addiction and keep the money flowing.

There is a two-week shipping time for anything you order there. During this time of course, you’re anxious to get your purchase. So, you keep checking back at the website. And finding new stuff to buy. To help you along, they are constantly having 50% off sales as well. And for the serious buyers, there are items available from other shippers – with a $5 shipping fee per item to help offset the low prices. The bright orange color of the website also subconsciously prods you to buy without thinking. Sometimes there’s a timer on the site that promises a $2 discount if you make a purchase in 20 minutes of being on the site.

It’s smart to shop, but be careful. is a pretty handy website to shop at if you don’t mind waiting for your shipment to arrive. They have tons of merchandise at knock out prices, and a shipping club as well that only costs $2/month to get free shipping on all your merchandise. However, you need a thick skin to avoid succumbing to their marketing tactics designed to get you to purchase more than you want or need. So, make a list and check it twice while shopping at this website, or you will find yourself throwing money away at it. is an excellent deal for those who know how to deal.

Many of the prices are comparable to other discount chains like Big Lots, Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc. The quality of the merchandise is standard for anything made in China, meaning sometimes you might get a defective product. Fortunately, has friendly and helpful customer service that stands by the quality of their merchandise, so they will be happy to replace it, refund it, or issue store credit.

Overall, I’m happy that I found I am even more pleased that I managed to stop an addiction to the website from forming. It is a great site, and that is why it is so easy to become addicted to it. When you’re overwhelmed by a ton of desirable, cheap merchandise, it’s easy to form a habit of buying all that you can get. I suspect knows that, but I can’t blame them for trying. There are plenty of companies that do far worse by their customers and employ the same tactics. is a website that stands by its commitment to its customers, and I can dig that.


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