In the business world, there are three types of leaders: those who fail, those who see short term success, and those who build a lifetime of value. Of course, everyone wants to be in this latter group! But not everyone makes it.

Great Leaders Have Honesty

Great leaders show character by standing up in what their beliefs. They don’t cheat, and they do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. They may not be the most famous or flashy person in the crowd, but they keep their promises and follow through on those promises without fail.

Great Leaders Have Standards

Great leaders also have standards. They show guts and use straight talk to communicate those standards to others. While they have these standards, they don’t refuse to question their assumptions and conclusions. They keep an open mind to new ideas, knowing that confidence does not equal blindness.

Great Leaders Have Integrity

Great leaders stand with integrity. They operate on the reality principle, seeing the world as it is and not as they wish it to be. They know that integrity is a state of mind and not situational. They don’t compromise on small situations, because they know that such compromise will lead to compromising on much larger conditions. Great leaders are also fair in every position, even when others around them are unfair.

Great Leaders Are Givers

Great leaders love to give to others! They know that when you give, you often receive much more in return. They are not greedy but look to do good for others, knowing that business is a reciprocal relationship with their employees, clients, customers, and vendors. If they know they cannot fulfill a client or customer’s needs to the fullest, or that an employee needs a vacation, they don’t hesitate to satisfy that need, knowing that in the long run, it will pay off to make that client/customer or employee comfortable and happy.

Great Leaders Are Positive

Great leaders are confident and inspire their companies. The best leaders are those who are the biggest cheerleaders and advocates for their staff and companies. This positivity is infectious, and the inspiration moves others to be more productive and confident, as well.

Great Leaders Are Personable

Great leaders are easy to get to know on a personal level. Staff feels like they see the company head well and that they can quickly go to them with any problem they may have – even if it’s not related to the company’s business. A great leader gets to know the staff on a personal as well as professional level and takes an empathetic, particular interest in their employees.

Great Leaders Are A Part Of The Team

Great leaders don’t act like a “boss” nearly as much as they act like another member of the team knowledgeable and ready to assist other team members with anything they need. They avoid ordering employees around as much as possible for team-centric decision processes and gentle guidance or suggestions. Employees typically know who the leader is, so there is no need to drive it in! As an old saying goes, “you’ll catch more bees with honey than vinegar.”

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