Building the best free security suite on Windows 10 takes a little ingenuity and knowledge of what the various free apps have to offer. None of the free security suites offer complete security straight out of the box. This is because they all want to encourage you to purchase their suite to get the complete package. However, if you mix and match different company’s security suites, you can compare to what you can get with a full, paid-for suite.

Here are the best combinations of free security suites on Windows 10. If you get creative, you may come up with some more combinations, too!

The Best Free Security Suites

  • 360 Total Security + Comodo Firewall
    • This security suite is the best free security suite for Windows 10 if you want something light on resources. It is tough in terms of security as well. This secure security suite combo utilizes two definition engines (Antivir and Bitdefender) and one of the best free firewalls on the market today. As a bonus, the antivirus also has a built in system cleaner and accelerator.
  • Spybot S&D + ZoneAlarm Antivirus & Firewall
    • ZoneAlarm has a long history of being one of the most newbie friendly secure vendors. Spybot helps add an extra layer of security where the free offerings of ZoneAlarm drop off by protecting against malware and system changes. As a free security suite combo, this is sure to keep your Windows 10 PC well protected.
  • Avira Antivir + Comodo Firewall
    • This is also a secure free security suite setup, but a little geekier than the last one. Antivir has one of the best heuristic engines known in the antivirus world. Comodo always aces penetration testing in comparison benches. Together, there is not a single system change or piece of malware that will have an easy time escaping detection on your Windows 10 setup.
  • Bitdefender Free + ZoneAlarm Firewall
    • This is what I would consider the best middle-of-the-road, standard free security suite setup. Just your standard virus scanner and standard firewall. This is an excellent combo if you’re not computer savvy or just don’t like to be bothered that much with configuration in Windows 10.
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