It can be difficult to boost Windows 10 performance without doing anything to tweak the system under the hood. By default, Windows 10 is designed to run everything you don’t need by default, as well as hold on to all the system junk you don’t need as well. It doesn’t know what you need and what you don’t until you explicitly tell it. This is why tweaks are necessary to improve Windows 10 performance. Here are a few things you can do to get immediate, noticeable results. Then you will find a list of utilities that you can download to help keep your Windows 10 system performing at its optimal level.

System Performance

  1. Right click Start > Left click System
  2. Scroll down > Left click System info
  3. Left click Advanced System Settings (on the left)

    Right click Start > Left click System > Left click Advanced System Settings

  4. Left click the Advanced tab > Left click the Settings button under Performance

    Left click System Properties > Left click the Advanced tab > Left click the Settings button under Performance

  5. Take the checkmark out of everything that starts with the word Fade or Animate/Animations
  6. Left click OK or Apply

Startup Services and Applications

  1. Left click Start > Type msconfig > Press Enter
  2. This will bring up the System Configuration window. Left click the Startup tab. Then left click the Open Task Manager link.
  3. Disable any programs that you don’t need starting up with Windows. This means anything that isn’t related to the operation or security of the basic computer functions.
  4. Left click on the Services tab and disable any services you never use. For example, you don’t need the Print Spooler service if you don’t have a printer. WMPNetworkSvc is also pretty useless if you don’t use Windows Media Player.

Cleaning Up Drives and System Junk

  1. Left click Start > Right click System > Scroll down to Additional Administrative Tools and left click on that

    Right click Start > Left click System > Left click Additional Administrative Tools

  2. Left click on Defragment and Optimize Drives. Make sure under Scheduled Optimization that your drives are set to be optimized at least once a week. If not, set this up then close the window.

    Administrative Tools > Defragment and Optimize Drives

  3. Left click on Disk Cleanup in the Administrative Tools window. Select your C:\ drive then click OK to clean up any junk files left on it.

Install a System Maintenance Program to Boost Windows 10 Performance & Keep It That Way

If you want to avoid having to regularly clean up Windows 10 system junk and tweak it after updates, a Windows 10 system maintenance program can automatically keep these tasks up to date for you. While paid offerings offer extra convenience and value, you do not necessarily have to pay for an application to reap the benefits of an automatic cleaner function. There are several applications available for free online that will tweak and boost your Windows 10 performance without any nag screens or over-limiting functionality. These are the best ones to choose from (click here if you want to check out free security suites for Windows 10):

  • JetClean
    • This is a lightweight cleaner that focuses on providing a complete suite of optimization and cleaning tools.
  • ToolWiz
    • This lightweight utility provides a complete suite of cleaning tools as well as many helpful utilities like a password manager and screenshot tool.
  • SystemCare
    • This full featured utility brings everything but the kitchen sink in its collection of cleaning and optimization tools.
  • Wise Care 365
    • This is an easy to use utility that’s lightweight and focuses on the simple necessities.
  • Glary Utilities
    • This utility brings it all in a surprisingly lightweight package.
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