As the AI copywriting tools continue to grow in popularity, more businesses are adding them to their marketing arsenal to help improve their content output. But is using AI copywriting tools really worth it? After all, you risk sacrificing great quality content and potentially missing out on crucial keyword opportunities that could cause more traffic and higher sales. Let’s look at both sides of the coin and see if we can figure out the pros and cons of using AI copywriting tools.

AI vs Human Writers

A new generation of copywriting tools is taking over. They’re cheaper than ever, faster than ever, and (they say) better than a human writer at producing quality content. They optimize their output for search engines, ensuring that your content gets picked up by bots when a user searches for keywords you want to rank for. But are these tools as good as they claim? Are they even worth using at all?

Perhaps… for a seasoned writer. But it can be a different story for small businesses looking to save money on hiring a copywriter. Now that AI-powered writing tools are in the spotlight, many businesses are curious about whether they can use these new tools to save time and money on their marketing materials. While there are definitely some pros to using an AI copywriting tool, there are also some cons you need to keep in mind before deciding whether this type of software will work for your business or not.

AI Copywriting Has its Uses

Today, many businesses are turning to artificial intelligence to help streamline certain tasks, like writing web content. But is there something lost in translation? Should you use an AI copywriting tool or should you hire a human writer instead? Let’s first cover some of the helpful ways in which AI copywriting software can assist writers.

AI Copywriting Assistant Pros

An automated muse: Even the best writers get stuck sometimes on coming up with new ideas for their writing. Sometimes it’s also easy to get stuck using the same phrases again and again. For this, AI copywriting software is like a breath of fresh air. One generated sentence can be enough to set a writer on fire again.

A style guide: Sometimes writers also may get stuck with forming an article structure before they write. AI copywriting assistants are excellent at crafting a basic article structure to get started with. They are then easy to add on to or change later.

A cheerleader: AI copywriting software adds instant pep and action to any writing topic. For a writer struggling with their enthusiasm on a Wednesday, this can prove invaluable.

An SEO tool: Many AI copywriting assistants let you add a few keywords prior to starting the article, which the AI can then use in its suggestions. If you have some major target keywords you want to hit, an AI copywriting tool can help you achieve the best usage without becoming redundant.

But Here’s Why You Need Human Writers

Although there are plenty of positives to consider when using artificial intelligence copywriting, it has its pros and cons. However, some areas where AI comes up short are in terms of creativity, research, grammar, and reading comprehension. As computer programs, machines can only do what they’re programmed to do, so you’ll need a real person for that part. There are many significant reasons to use AI copywriting tools today; however, there are also a few things you should remember before doing so.

AI Copywriting Assistant Cons

1. AI copywriting software runs off material it finds on the internet. As such, much of the content it produces comes riddled with all the human errors that are found on the internet. This includes misinformation, poor grammar, poor explanations, nonsensical sentences, and sometimes even bits of a writer’s notes or website code.

2. AI copywriting software can keyword stuff, but it can’t determine the best placement of keywords in the text.

3. Sometimes AI copywriting software has so much pep and action that it becomes farcical.

4. The article structures aren’t usually all-inclusive and don’t use subheadings. Because of this, they can be simplistic and juvenile.

5. Writers need additional, more professional tools to supplement AI copywriting software’s output as well as their own writing.

6. Crafting a well-written article still takes time and patience, even with the help of AI copywriting.

Savvy Copywriters Use Every Copywriting Tool Available

While there are many benefits to using an AI copywriting tool, it’s important to remember that they aren’t a substitute for human writers. While they can help streamline your marketing process, they have limitations. A machine will never truly understand what you want to say or how you want to say it. Sometimes even a simple piece like a slogan or tagline just needs another human pair of eyes.

A truly savvy & passionate copywriter will use every copywriting tool they can, while not holding back any of their own experience and skills in creating the best copy possible. While many copywriters argue that AI copywriting assistants may take away their jobs one day, sometimes the only way through something is to go through it and adapt. If copywriters adopt and adapt to the technology today, it will mean their skills are going to be needed later to manage the software, no matter how sophisticated it gets. The goal is not to rob copywriters of their jobs, but to make their jobs smoother, easier, and more consistent… much like it’s already doing for industrial use already.

In Conclusion

Considering the huge and growing demand for copywritten content, can’t a copywriter use all the help they can get to make their supply meet the demand? And, don’t small businesses deserve copy that hasn’t gotten regurgitated from a melting pot of all the content on the web?

You shouldn’t have to do this alone.

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